Hub provided excellent service. He reviewed my financing package and referred me to other providers who offered mortgages with lower fees and interest rates. He knew the market well and helped me find the perfect home. I am so happy with this service. Thank you Hub!

Vicki McClure

Hub, I want to thank you very much for all the hard work you have done. You really have gone beyond what a regular Realtor is supposed to do. You’ve kept both my mother and I in the loop at every turn, at every buyer demand, at every paperwork request. She has been worried about this process since day one, and you’ve walked us through the whole thing. Never getting our hopes too up, and keeping us realistic on the outcome. You’ve handled our weird questions on weekends, holidays and evenings with finesse. You’ve not only sold a house for my mother, you’ve helped her retire!

Cheryl Gongora

In our coarsening society, people who do a great job don’t always get the thanks they deserve. I needed to sell my condo in the Washington, DC area and selected Hub. Selling this property was frankly a pain in the butt. Yet, Hub got me three offers in the middle of the worst snowstorm in the area’s recent memory. Then he dealt with all sorts of bizarre complications. In the end, the property sold for more than any other comparable property ever had. Keep up the great work!

Greg Ferguson

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